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    1609 8500 MARGATE CIRCLE

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    Shore Drive 4 3
  • Description

      Kingston Plantation Margate Towers 1609 is found in the Shore Drive area of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This spacious condominium with four bedrooms which sleeps 10 has an oceanview you did not imagine or even could when you were looking for a place to hide from the world to get some rest and relaxation. It is what the doctor would order to strengthen a weary worked soul.

      Kingston Plantation Margate Tower 1609 roomy vacation rental offers attractive and winsome décor that makes it all the more appealing for you and your Myrtle Beach area vacation. The master bedroom will provide a good night of rest for a tired body. For some people cooking and the kitchen are good medicine. You get an extra dose when standing at the kitchen sink soaking in the exquisite ambiance before you. A therapeutic dose of 30 minutes each day sitting in a chair on the balcony watching the birds of the air swoop and squeal over the white sandy beach and Atlantic Ocean will add the natural vitamin of calm. A smoke-free environment at Kingston Plantation Margate Tower 1609 increases the ability for healthy living.

      Even though you want to chill and have some down time there is the inquisitive side of you to see what else is out there to do. Throughout the Myrtle Beach area resort of Kingston Plantation there is a buffet of health options to participate in to soothe those tight muscles. There is an outdoor hot tub and a fitness room.

      There are several ways to treat the party side of you which is entertainment. Close by are shopping malls, restaurants to try out, live entertainment and theatre to take in. Why not step outside your comfort zone and do a self-guided drive along the coast. It might be just the cure to make you stronger and you never know who you might meet when you do.

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