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      A treasure of a rental is what you will discover in Hidden Gem. Once you step foot inside this rental house, all the hidden gems will become apparent. The first gem you will discover is that this house is a roomy one, accommodating up to 10 guests. With three bedrooms and three and one-half baths, Hidden Gem makes way for larger families to vacation together in the same space.

      The second gem you will spot in this rental is its location in the Crescent Beach area of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Beaches in this area are considered some of the most family friendly beaches around, which makes for easy days of family fun in the South Carolina sunshine. Memories will flow effortlessly from a vacation stemming from Hidden Gem, and since this rental house is located just a short jaunt away from the beach it is a convenient location to enhance your vacation to North Myrtle Beach. It is a pleasant thought to know that the beach is nearby to watch the South Carolina sunrise from if you would so desire.

      Other gems to consider for this rental house are the fact that it has plenty of indoor entertainment options should the South Carolina weather not cooperate with spending the day at the beach. Four flat screen TVs, DVD players and access to wireless Internet will accommodate any inclement weather day as well as later evenings of downtime. A washer and dryer in this rental house make caring for the needs of vacationing families a breeze and the outdoor hot tub offers an additional form of vacation relaxation. An outdoor kitchen with a grill makes feeding your party of up to 10 an easier endeavor.

      Why not check out all the facets of Hidden Gem today? This pet friendly rental house would be a fantastic addition to any North Myrtle Beach vacation.

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